...As Seen On Bling!

Christopher Evans on Bling

Our Chris is on the telly!!

That’s right, folks. Your favourite local jeweller is now famous, please queue in an orderly fashion for autographs!

Hosted by Gok Wan, the 20 x 60’ series delves into the dazzling world of jewellery and beyond; from buying and selling to making and fixing eye-catching pieces, figurines and more.

In the show’s very own Bling store, bling is king. It’s a one-stop shop with four distinct counters, one dedicated to each process, with charismatic experts on hand to guide, advise and get the best deals.

Heart-warming stories abound as excited couples seek that perfect engagement ring, sell a hidden gem such as a delicate pocket watch, fix a much-loved family treasure, or even create a one-off bespoke item. While customers also share the more emotive stories behind their trinkets; perhaps beloved family heirlooms they hope are not damaged beyond repair or treasured objects belonging to a departed loved one.


Heart and purse strings will be pulled, as some customers look to sell and buy – perhaps even restore and sell – within the same visit.

And it gets competitive as the experts are ready to pounce on a colleague’s customer if a piece catches their eye. When a customer hears a big valuation, maybe that cherished heirloom might suddenly seem dispensable!

Meanwhile the craft experts at the fix and make counters will have their skills stretched as they work on everything from necklaces to carriage clocks. All are set to be wowed and surprised with items ranging from costume jewellery to crystal figurines and unique objet d’art.

Chris was asked to participate in this new ITV show earlier this year, selected for his well-renowned skills as a goldsmith, creative, and all-round excellent personality! (Did you know he also lives on a farm, drives a tractor and keeps sheep?! – man of many talents)

You can spot him live – weekdays at 2pm – for a little while longer, as the show runs until November the 5th, or you can watch on catch-up here.

We’re loving the show so far, and we’ve been asked if there will be a second season in the works. The short answer is ‘we don’t know’, the longer answer is ‘we really hope so because it’s been such a fab experience!’.

PS: If you spot Chris wearing his very own bee lapel pin and wonder where on earth you can get one for yourself, then buzz on over to our sister site Lydia’s Bees!