A ‘near miss’ reminder for jewellery owners!

A lovely customer of ours popped in the other day to get the claws on her ring checked, as it was catching on her clothes… and it was lucky she did! Four of the six claws on her ring had disappeared, and the remaining two were so paper-thin they were barely holding on to her diamond. 

Here’s what the ring looked like when it was brought in:

Can you see how loose the stone had become? Only magnification showed us just how precarious the diamond was. We were so relieved to be able to repair the claws and secure our customer’s diamond in place before the unthinkable happened and it fell out. It could easily have been a much sadder story! 

Time to get those claws checked!

Our customer’s visit served as a useful reminder that damaged claws aren’t always easy to spot – they’re certainly not as obvious to the naked eye as you might think. After all, the only reason our lovely customer knew something was wrong was because her ring was catching on her clothes. 

So it’s really important to get your ring checked regularly, even if everything looks OK at first glance. It’s quick and easy for us to give your ring a once-over under the magnifying glass and spot any potential risks before they cause trouble. We’ll also give your ring a professional polish as part of the service, so you’ll get it back looking all shiny and new! If you’ve never had your ring serviced, you might be amazed at the difference a professional polish can make.

It’s also worth noting that if you did lose your gemstone because of damaged claws, and you hadn’t had your jewellery regularly serviced, you could run into problems with your insurance company. 

Get in touch with the Christopher Evans team

So don’t wait until you feel your ring catching on your clothes! Get those claws checked today and let us put your mind at ease. We can often service your ring for you at short notice, so just pop into one of our showrooms and drop it off with us for some TLC next time you remember! Or, if you want to chat to a member of the team first, get in touch.