Spring into Elegance: Gemstones Inspired by Spring 2024 Colours 

As the new season blooms, we’re feeling inspired by the gorgeous colours on display in Vogue’s Spring 2024 Colour Palette. So we translate the hottest colours in fashion right now into striking gemstone colour ideas for your next piece of jewellery: 

1. Porcelain White: The Elegance of Pearls

Porcelain white brings a serene and pure hue to your palette, reflecting calm sophistication that feels just perfect for spring. Pearls, with their natural lustre and soft white tone, embody this tranquillity. They’re ideal for both contemporary and classic jewellery, too.

Pearls have recently surged as a trend among men too, particularly in the form of necklaces and brooches. High-profile male celebrities and fashion influencers have embraced pearl necklaces, showcasing them as symbols of refined, gender-fluid fashion. This trend highlights the versatility of pearls, bringing sophistication to all sorts of ensembles. Could they be the next addition to your wardrobe?

2. Sky Blue: The Clarity of Aquamarine

Sky blue, a light and airy hue, captures the essence of a clear spring sky. Aquamarine, with its transparent blue that ranges from the lightest sky to a deeper ocean blue, is a natural match. We feel calmer just looking at it! This gemstone is not only beautiful but also holds meanings of purity, calm, and tranquillity, making it a perfect choice for jewellery that feels both soothing and luxurious. Is aquamarine for you?

Custom jewellery designs from Christopher Evans

3. Lush Greenery: Vibrant Emeralds

The vibrant ‘lush greenery’ shade highlights the revival of nature in spring, as everything blooms. Emeralds, with their rich and deep green tones, are the quintessential gemstones to represent this colour. They’re also known for their connection to renewal and vitality. Emeralds make a bold statement in any jewellery setting, be it a ring, bracelet, or a pair of dazzling earrings. If you love the colour green, an emerald may be perfect for you this spring.

Custom jewellery designs from Christopher Evans

4. Sunset Gold: Warm Citrines and Yellow Diamonds

Sunset gold mirrors the warm, glowing end of a spring or summer day. Citrines, with their golden hues ranging from pale yellow to a deep, honey orange, radiate warmth and energy. Yellow diamonds add a luxurious and sparkling touch to this palette, offering a rich depth that mimics the last rays of a sunset. These two gemstones are perfect for an eye-catching piece that’s both chic and striking.

Custom jewellery designs from Christopher Evans

5. Rich Earth: The Depth of Garnets

Rich earth tones bring us back to the grounding elements of spring. Garnets stand out with their deep reds and earthy browns, embodying this robust palette. Garnets are available in a variety of shades, ranging from the deep red of a burgundy to the subtle undertones of a forest floor. If you’re looking for earthy warmth in your jewellery design, consider adding a garnet!

Custom jewellery designs from Christopher Evans

6. The Spectrum of Sapphires: Beyond Blue

Whatever your dream colour palette, you may need to look no further than the sapphire. While sapphires are often celebrated for their iconic blue hues, they actually come in a dazzling array of colours including pink, purple, orange, green, and even yellow. These “fancy sapphires” are perfect for those seeking something unique and personal. Have you considered a sapphire for your next piece of jewellery?

Custom jewellery designs from Christopher Evans

Your Gemstone Journey 

If you want to create something new for Spring 2024, talk to the friendly team here at Christopher Evans Goldsmiths. Our in-house gemologist, Nicky, will guide you in choosing the perfect stone, whether you’re attracted to the tranquil purity of pearls or the radiant warmth of yellow diamonds. 

We make sure all our gemstones are ethically sourced, and we work with all sorts of different budgets and styles every day. Hope to talk to you soon!