Here at Christopher Evans Goldsmiths, we’re excited to share a little secret: diamonds don’t always need to be the main event in jewellery! They actually make fantastic ‘sidekick’ gems. It may sound a bit unconventional to think of diamonds as supporting characters, but this approach can really open up a world of creative possibilities when designing your next piece of jewellery.

Why Diamonds Make Great Sidekicks

Diamonds have long been the stars of the jewellery world. We love them for their unrivalled brilliance and hardness. But these are the same qualities that make them excellent team players alongside other gems. When diamonds accompany a coloured gemstone, they boost the main gem’s charm without stealing the spotlight. This allows the star of the show – whether it’s a bold sapphire or a calming aquamarine – to truly pop, with diamonds adding just the right touch of sparkle to highlight its beauty. 

Crafting the Perfect Balance

At Christopher Evans Goldsmiths, creating harmony between gemstones is what we do best. We use diamonds as accents to frame and enhance the main gemstone subtly, taking care to choose the perfect size, cut, and placement for each diamond so that it complements rather than competes.

So Many Styles

Diamonds are incredibly versatile. They can adapt to any style, from enhancing a vintage piece to adding a dash of drama to modern designs. You could create a ring with a large opal circled by delicate diamonds for a soft, dreamy look, or you could choose a bold ruby flanked by diamonds for a sharp, contemporary edge. Here are just a few of the designs we’ve created for our lovely customers using diamonds as sidekicks:

Share Your Ideas With Us

We love helping our clients see diamonds in a new light – not just as the lead gem, but as the perfect accent to any bespoke piece. So whether you want to update an old favourite or dream up something entirely new, we’re here to help you explore the possibilities. Our approach is all about working together to bring your unique vision to life. 

If you’re curious about using diamonds as sidekicks in your next piece of jewellery, get in touch with us here at Christopher Evans Goldsmiths. We’ve also got a stunning selection of jewellery in our two showrooms for you to explore. Pop in to say hello and see for yourself how (sometimes) diamonds do their best work from the wings!