Welcome to the enchanting world of bespoke jewellery design! This is where your ideas and our expertise can result in something truly unique, with its own story to tell. But how do you start? 

In this blog, we run through the whole process of designing your own jewellery, from start to finish. 

Why Design Your Own

Bespoke jewellery design is a journey of creating something that’s uniquely yours: a piece that tells your story, tailored to your taste. It’s a journey that’s really special to us here at Christopher Evans Goldsmiths. We love nothing more than helping our lovely customers turn their design ideas into reality.

You may think that bespoke designs mean higher prices, but that’s not necessarily the case! We’ll work with you to find the perfect gemstones and metals for your specific budget, so you’ll get the best possible value for your money without compromising on your design ideas. We’ve created beautiful jewellery for all sorts of budgets, so you may be pleasantly surprised by what’s possible when you talk to us! 

Inspiration & Ideas

Finding inspiration for bespoke jewellery is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start. You may be relieved to hear that there are all sorts of places to look for inspiration and ideas, and you definitely don’t need to be a jewellery expert! You can consider:

  • Personal Touches: Look through your photo albums and reflect on cherished memories or significant dates
  • Travel: Think about the places you’ve been that hold a special place in your heart  
  • Nature & Art: Draw inspiration from the beauty and patterns in nature or the diverse world of art
  • Historical & Cultural Motifs: If you’re after a specific style, explore different eras and cultures for unique design elements (again, don’t limit your search to jewellery – look at architecture and fashion too, you may be inspired by the shapes and colours you find)
  • Contemporary Trends: If you want a modern twist to your design, read about contemporary trends across fashion and jewellery so you know what’s up and coming
  • Personal Style: Consider your everyday style and wardrobe choices to guide the design of your jewellery
  • Iconic Designs and Designers: Browse famous jewellery pieces and designers for some classic inspiration

Bring all of your ideas (whether they’re photos, sketches, scribbled notes, magazine cut-outs or all in your head!) to your first conversation with us and we will be able to help you turn your inspiration into a tangible design for your perfect bespoke jewellery piece. 

Working with your Jeweller

It’s important to find the right jeweller for your bespoke jewellery design – they’ll need to not only understand your vision but also guide you with their expertise to enhance it. 

With Christopher Evans Goldsmiths, you can relax knowing we’ve got everything covered. We’ve spent decades creating beautiful and unique jewellery for our lovely customers in a huge range of styles to suit all sorts of budgets. Some of our customers want to work with us every step of the way, and others love taking that ‘leap of faith’ and enjoying a grand reveal at the end. It’s all up to you!

We invite you to get in touch for a free consultation – we’d love to hear your ideas and answer any initial questions you may have. 

The Bespoke Jewellery Process

Broadly speaking, the bespoke jewellery process can include:

  • Initial consultation(s), where you can share your ideas and inspiration and discuss the details of your jewellery, from metals to gemstones
  • The design process, which can include sketches, gemstone selection, CAD images and even 3D modelling in some cases
  • Casting your jewellery, where your unique piece is crafted and finished

It really does depend on you though! Some people want to be heavily involved every step of the way, whereas other people prefer to sign off on a rough sketch and then trust us to create the final design, so they can have a lovely surprise at the end of the journey.

That means our design process can be very simple and sweet, with just a few sketches, or it can be incredibly detailed, with computer-generated images of what the jewellery will look like and even 3D-printed models of the jewellery in order to check sizing and gemstone fit. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and we’ll work with you to ensure that the final piece is a true reflection of your imagination. If you want a closer look at our bespoke design process, check out the step-by-step details here.

Once you give your final approval, the crafting begins, transforming your design into a unique piece of jewellery.

Past Christopher Evans Creations

We’ve created bespoke jewellery designs in all sorts of styles and for all sorts of budgets. Here are a few examples of previous designs from Christopher Evans Goldsmiths to get you inspired!

Ready To Start? 

Creating bespoke jewellery can be a really magical experience, helping you tell your story and capture your creativity in a unique piece of jewellery. At Christopher Evans Goldsmiths, we love working with you to bring your vision to life. 

So whether you’re already bursting with ideas, or you need help getting started, get in touch to arrange a free consultation where you can ask us all of your bespoke jewellery design questions. We can’t wait to get started.